Doug Bloodworth

The influence of paper printed comics from eras past is still tangible in Doug Bloodworth’s photorealism. Combined with decades of artistic technique and the personal connection offered by his custom works, Doug’s collectability is rapidly growing. He is now recognized in the international art community as one of the premiere photorealist painters of this period.

Mark Schiff

Mark Schiff is well known for painting objects that people can identify and emotionally connect with. His work is distinctly marked by a rich palette and the luminous range of light he paints into his compositions. Each painting is a true extension of his vision and can take up to 200 hours to complete.

Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson began to realize his potential when drawing on his school desk in the first grade. Heavily influenced by the superb artistry of Van Gogh, Monet and Dali, Jim is particularly drawn to the works of Dutch artist Vermeer, he seeks to tap into the energy and vibrance the artist infused into his pieces.

Ralph Stearns

Ralph’s most visible paintings
adorn Texas buildings. His realistic cyclists race to the finish on the “Hotter than Hell Race” headquarters in Frisco. His giant parrot behind a faux brick wall brings double-takes to travelers in Wichita Falls. Ralph explains,
“I am a passionate artist that loves forms and color. I love it;
I breathe it.”

Simon Miss

Aloha! Simon Miss is our Hawaii man. In fact, there are rumors that Simon has never stepped foot off the Hawaiian islands. Whether true or not, he certainly has developed a love for food – and painting food! Whether it is cupcakes or frozen yogurt, Simon loves to paint it – but not eat it. Simon is thin as thin can be. The work of this is up-and-coming photorealist artist is a sight to see and he hopes that you enjoy viewing it as much as he enjoyed painting it.